Monday, May 10, 2010

What does it mean when someone paints only one fingernail black?

idk but I have seen several people do that. I think it means something other than they didn't fiinnish them. I would also like to know.What does it mean when someone paints only one fingernail black?
That they want to be metrosexual.

And they are dumb.What does it mean when someone paints only one fingernail black?
they like that color and thats wat they want to paint it!..just like if a girl painted her nails pink its because they like that color...the people who paint their nails black obviously like that color!


oo u said only 1...ahhahha idk honestly..probally an inside joke from one person and then other retarts thought it was cool and started doing it!.lol
that there on coke...
it means that he/she is out of black nail polish and there's enough for only one nail


he/she decided he hated the black nail but there's no more nail polish remover available


he/she is suffering from nail fungus which causes the nail to have black spots, and hence, cover it up with black nail polish
idk it dosnt mean anything really exept maybe thay didnt have enough time to finish painting their nails maybe their bored or maybe thay just felt like only painting one nail black ( =
Are you sure that's paint?
All it means is that they are cheap
that way when the give you the finger, it stands out more
they ran out of polish?

they didnt paint their finger, and infact its a bruise?

there trying to make, ';a point';...and b all ';outrageous!'; and ';original';...and their ';ownself';

lmao...just dont try the look..its bad


lmao, have a nice day :)

They think they're emo. Either that or it's not really fingernail polish but the residue from digging in their butt.
That they're lazy.
it`s as same as letting the nail of your little finger from 1 hand grow. gross and tasteless.
usually a goth or emo thing....or they juss wanna be different, theres lots of reasonS!
If theyre painting their middle finger then they think its funnny to flick people offand are looking for ways to do it!
Either they ran out of nail polish...or it means something else that I don't know...
they don't have good taste... because it looks horrendous.

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